Schedule Regular Maintenance For Your Vehicle

Get tune-ups, oil changes, and more from Colvins Complete Auto Care. Getting regular maintenance can help restore fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions. Visit 2446 E Dublin Granville Road or call 614-392-5972 for an appointment.

Services For Your Car's Cooling System

•  Complete coolant system inspections
•  Fluid flush and fill
•  Radiator service
•  Radiator cap replacements
•  Radiator hose leak inspections and replacements
•  Thermostat replacements
•  Water pump leak inspections and replacements
•  Antifreeze flush and refill

Restore The Drivability Of Your Vehicle

•  Clean fuel injectors and throttle bodies
•  Remove combustion chamber deposits
•  Solve loss of power and rough idle problems
•  Clean plenum and air intake valves and ports
•  Relieve pinging or knocking noises
•  Complete power steering system inspections
•  Check for leaks in power steering columns
•  Check belts for proper tension
•  CV joint and boot inspections or replacements
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